Blinkie Maker

  1. Drag the items you want on the building area below.
  2. You can use these guides to make sure your blinkie blocks are straight!
    For 13 x 17 blocks

    For 12 x 11 blocks

    For 11 x 11 blocks

    For 10 x 11 blocks

    to make sure your blinkie blocks are on the right positions, just remember to remove them after you've made your blinkies!
  3. Press "print screen" (the key right after F12). Open MS Paint, paste and crop your image.
  4. you can animate your blinkies with the use of special image editors like Animation Shop and the like!


  1. blinkies made here can be for personal use and can be given out to friends
  2. if you wish to distribute the blinkies you make here is fine by me as long as you link back. Please place the special button below where the blinkies can be found.
  3. although you can redistribute the blinkies you made here, you are NOT allowed to copy the images in this blinkie maker. Some pixels were personally created by me, Del. Please get your images from other sources.


(12 x 11 blocks)

(11 x 11 blocks)

(10 x 11 blocks)

(13 x 17 blocks)

(17 x 15 blocks)

Building Area